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Court Use Protocol
Please visit the Court Use Protocol page in the Tennis Sesion. 
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Court Use Protocol for the 300 Club

Single, Family, Student, & Junior Members (300 Club Members):

               Members may play whenever courts are available using the following courtesy protocol:

1.      Please sign in at the Proshop with names of all players or on the board by gazebo if Proshop is closed.  Please note the time when you started using the court. Identify guests (see section on Guests) and be sure they pay the $5 guest fee or have the guest fee applied to the member who is hosting the guest.

2.      If other members are waiting for a court, then your court must be relinquished after 1 hour of play for singles or 1 ½ hours of play for doubles.  Members waiting for a court must let the Proshop staff know or if the Proshop is closed sign up on the outside board (noting the time started) so that the first come first serve order of play can be orderly maintained.

3.      Players bumped from a court must wait 15 minutes before putting their names on the end of the list of waiting players. 

4.      A single player practicing serves or strokes with or without the ball machine must relinquish their court to two or more members wishing to play on that court.  Single players that are practicing serves or strokes should avoid, if possible, doing so next to other players.


Guests (non 300 Club members) may only play at the Club if invited and accompanied by a 300 Club member, i.e. there must always be at least one Club member on a court with guests.  Guests are limited to four visits per quarter and the $5 guest fee is to be paid by each guest prior to play; after four times the charge will be $25 per visit for the remainder of the quarter.  The following are the exceptions to this policy:

1.      If the guest is a member of a Gainesville private country club, (Haile, DB, and Gainesville CC) then there is no limit on them being guests.   The member should tell the pro shop staff that their guest is a private country club member.

2.      If the guest plays at the Tuesday Night Social, then their guest usage should not be incremented.

3.      If participating in a 300 Club sanctioned ladder match.

Director of Tennis (Toure) Use of Courts:

The Director of Tennis and his assistants may provide lessons or clinics on Courts 4, 5, and 6 at the Director of Tennis discretion.  They may use additional clay courts but only if they are not in use by club members and in the following priority Court 3, Court 2 and Court 1; however, any additional clay courts must be relinquished immediately if courts become full and members need them to play.  It is the responsibility of the Director of Tennis and his assistants to watch for members needing courts and voluntarily move to their three assigned courts without having to be asked by the members.  However, if there are at least two Club members in the lesson or clinic, then the court does not have to be relinquished until the end of scheduled lesson or clinic.  See reservation options for lessons or clinics with more two or more members below under “Court Reservation and Practices Policy”.  

Clients of the Director of Tennis that are not Club members may not use courts prior to or after their lesson or clinic or the pool and workout room at any time unless they do so as a guest of a Club member in accordance with the guest policies described above under “Members” and “Guests”.  

300 Club Proshop and Pool Staff Use of Courts:

Staff that are employed by the 300 Club may use all Club facilities including the courts, pool, and workout room.  However, staff do not have guest privileges for tennis.   For tennis this means they may only play with members or other staff.  Staff may also use the ball machine, but must pay the normal charge.

Court Reservation and Practices Policy:

Currently courts may only be reserved for infrequent formal club-wide events, or scheduled USTA or Day League matches, the Tuesday Night Social Tennis (see below), and senior men’s social T & Th afternoon at 3 PM till 4:30 PM.  Special note: USTA and Day League team practices may not reserve courts so they need to try schedule practices when courts are available.  Currently any court reservations are kept in the Court Logbook in the Proshop, so check with Proshop on court availability.  The Club has this information on our website and will email and post on Facebook any major events that will limit courts access.

No USTA matches should be scheduled between 9:00 AM –Noon on Saturdays and 9:00 AM -11:00 on Sundays.  USTA practices should not be scheduled weekends 9:00-11:00 AM or weekdays 4:00-6:30 PM or Tuesday evenings after 7 PM.   

All Club and special USTA/Day League members must still sign in for all practices at the Proshop or on the bulletin board by gazebo if the Proshop is closed and must also follow the courtesy protocol of first come first serve as described about under “Members”.  Non-Club members that have paid the special USTA or Day League membership fee may participate in practices, but do not have guest privileges.   The one Club member per court does not apply to USTA team practices.  The guest fee must be collected unless covered under their 300 Club USTA special membership.  Special note:  court usage by USTA and Day League special memberships are limited to one team practice per week and scheduled USTA matches. 

The Director of Tennis may reserve court 3 for a lesson or clinic if at least two Club members are participating and courts 4 through 6 are not available, but should try to avoid doing so when a USTA or Day League match is scheduled. 


Tuesday Night Social Tennis (TNST):

Four courts (7, 8, 9 and 1) shall be reserved for the TNST from 7 PM to 9 PM every Tuesday.  At 7:30 PM any courts that are not occupied by the TNST will be available for member use.  TNST is open to all Club members and their guests in accordance to guest policies as described above. 


Ball Machine:

The ball machine may be rented at $4 per hour by Club members or the Director of Tennis or his assistants.  The Proshop staff shall help set up and return the ball machine to the shed.  Member’s use of the ball machine should be on court 3 or courts 4 or 5 if not in use by the Director of Tennis (Toure).  If courts 3 through 5 are in use by the Toure, then the ball machine may be used on courts 1 or 2, but only if no one else is playing on the neighboring court.  Members waiting to play will always take precedent over ball machine use, so if other courts fill and members need the ball machine court it must be relinquished 

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